My name is Isabel Campbell, and I'm a freshly graduated alum of Zoom University—I mean—Pratt Institute. 
I am an illustrator, graphic designer, reader, eater, thinker. I let my ideas and questions* guide my practice, and as a result, the form of my work may vary dramatically between projects.
At the core of what I'm interested in is storytelling and empathy. Currently searching for work within the worlds of publishing, entertainment, sustainability, activism... the list goes on. Resume available upon request. 

reading: Do Listen: Understand What's Really Being Said // Bobette Buster
making: TikTok standup
eating: Trader Joe's Piccolo Pizza

*a live, running list of questions for future explorations (or not), in no particular order:

What is the role of the graphic designer as editor? Author? Co-author? 

What is the hindrance or benefit of nostalgia in design?

How democratized is graphic design as of now? 

Our experiences are everything. This one is not a question.

Are we designers if we delegate the actual making to others?

Is there such a thing as a one-sided collaboration?

Is there a time and place for useless design?

Can we design for a single moment in time? ​​​​​​​

How do we design for justice? 

How do we design for change?

How can we design for the futures we want?

How can we design for togetherness in a physically distanced world?

How can we incorporate activism into EVERY design process?

How can a design influence a consumer/reader/viewer's mindfulness?

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